‘Move Northamptonshire’ is a system-wide framework for developing more active lifestyles in Northamptonshire.

The framework has been created through conversations with over 200 people and organisations, providing their ideas about how to support more people to be active, especially those who face the greatest barriers.

Moving more and having an active lifestyle matters. It supports our physical and mental health, our social connections, the strength of our local communities and the development of our local economy. Increasingly, it also plays a part in our environmental sustainability.

With active lifestyles playing such an important part in people’s overall health and wellbeing, an integration with the health system in Northamptonshire is vital.

Move Northamptonshire

Shared Ambition

“By 2028 healthy active lifestyles will be integral to ALL people’s lives in Northamptonshire, irrespective of background, age, race, gender or geography.”